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This is Where My Life Went Wrong, forthcoming March 2009 from BLATT Books
In this associative road trip through "Americaville", Bard internalizes the true history of our literature. Playful, intense, filled with leaps off of various cliffs. A tribute (high and low) to the thought/sentence -- how its preserved secrets and blurted truths operate in daily life.
  – Sarah Schulman
This is Where My Life Went Wrong is the winner of BLATT Books' 2007 Novel of Novels contest for experimental fiction. I would like it best if you ordered your copy from my local independent bookstore, Burke's Books of Memphis, TN.

Briefly Told Lives, short stories. St. Martin's Press
It is rare to come across a genuinely original voice in fiction, but Bard Cole is just that, and it is a voice that deserves to be heard.
  – Sebastian Beaumont, Gay Times (UK)
Published in the fall of 2000, Briefly Told Lives is a collection of short stories written between 1991-1999, each with an illustrated frontispiece -- and the first book I got published without using a Xerox machine and stapling the pages together on my living room floor. Many of these pieces, such as "Young Hemingways" and "Used To Dream" had their origins in the 'zines and chapbooks I did throughout the 90s; and it was also inspired by Willa Cather's triptych Obscure Destinies and Russell Banks's book of interwoven stories, Trailerpark.

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Bard's writing also appears in:

Life as We Show It: Writing on Film, Brian Pera & Masha Tupitsyn. Paperback -- 264 pages (forthcoming Spring 2009).

Best Gay Romance, Tom Graham, editor. Paperback -- 248 pages (December 2006).

Cream City Review Issue 29.2, "The Queer Issue." Paperback - 150 pages (Fall 2005).

Everything I Have Is Blue, Wendell Ricketts, editor. Paperback - 256 pages (June 2005).

Boy Trouble: The Tenth Anniversary Issue, edited by David Kelly and Robert Kirby. Paperback - 80 pages (October 2004).

Best Gay Erotica 2000, Richard Labonte, editor. Paperback - 200 pages (December 1999).

Men on Men 7 : Best New Gay Fiction, David Bergman, editor. Paperback - 368 pages (November 1998).

The Mammoth Book of Gay Erotica, Lawrence Schimel, editor. Paperback - 544 pages (February 1998).

Flesh and the Word : Gay Erotic Confessionals, Michael Lowenthal, editor. Paperback - 320 pages Vol 4 (May 1997).